We offer different packages based on the length of your wedding schedule and what types of pictures you want.  All packages are suited to fit your needs and may be customized if needed.
Package 1
Includes five (5) hours* of our time as well as eighty (80) 6" x 4" prints, three (3) enlargments (one 20" x 15" and two 15" x 10") all for $770.  You may order additional prints and enlargements of your own choosing, even months later.
Package 2
Includes six (6) hours* of coverage, with one hundred (100) 6" x 4" prints, six (6) enlargments (one 20" x 15" and two 15: x 10" and three 10" x 8") all for $950.  Additional prints and enlargements may be ordered as above.
Other Packages
We can include a pre-wedding photo session with either of the above packages, or we can tailor a package to suit your particular needs.
* Times quoted allow for one-way travelling time from North Rocks (in the North West of Sydney) to your location.