Our principal, Doug Cotton (nephew of one of Australia's best known women photgraphers, Olive Cotton) has been  interested in photography ever since the 1960's and has produced limited edition landscapes for several years.  Whilst he handles the wedding and commercial photography, his wife, Yoice, specialises in family and portrait photography.  In all we do we strive to understand exactly what our clients want and cater to their requests.     
If you are planning a wedding, we will work closely with you both before and after your wedding to help you capture the best memories of your special day.  We will take both spontaneous and posed pictures of the event but don’t worry—our job will not interfere with you having fun on your wedding.  We believe that a wedding that only focuses on pictures takes away from the actual experience of a wedding!  Thus, we do our best to keep the posed, time-consuming pictures to a minimum so you can go out and enjoy.